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    DaxxCoin is a secure, client oriented Peer-To-Peer cryptocurrency payment solution that uses 100% PoW, Proof-Of-Work algorithm, Ethash. Its cryptography focussed that uses a user-friendly interface making it easy for you to carry out all transactions on your personal computer or smart phone. It provides and Open Source system that offers a fully decentralized system through which you can buy goods or receive payments. DAXX COIN can be accessed through our website (https://daxxcoin.org).

    Our services mainly focuses on:
    Business Tool
    World-Class Support
    Network Development

    DaxxCoin uses an efficient structure as the backbone making sure that our running costs are minimal. This gives you a guarantee of optimizing your income. The application is open source and available in HTML downloadable wallet and is portable across major OS platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux.

    Our support staffs provide an all-time online support to help you in case you get stuck or any have queries with any kind of transaction. We also work with qualified developers, who maintain our network.

    On signing up with our system, it provides you with a wallet and you have the option to send or receive cash in different currencies. We treat all your information as confidential and therefore no fear of privacy leaks.

    Features & Specification:
    • Name: DaxxCoin
    • Symbol: DAXX
    • Algorithm: Ethash
    • Network: 100% Proof of Work | PoW
    • Supply: 10,000,000,000
    • Block Time: 30 seconds
    • Mining: Yes
    • Block Reward: 30 Daxx
    • Open Source: Yes
    • Decentralized: Yes
    • Premine: Yes , 5%
    • Energy Footprint: CPU Mining
    • Clients: Web | Desktop
    • Node Type: Command line | All major Operating Systems.
    • API: Yes , Merchant API
    • Transaction Fee: 0.00180000 Daxx
    • Initial Distribution: Fully Shared | DAXX/IGOR Members & Company only


    DaxxCoin Links:

    Services & Products:

    Multi-currency Wallet:
    DaxxCoin smart wallet is a platform for all types of transactions, contracts and decentralized application through advanced hybrid block-chain that uses Ethash algorithm as the Proof of Work (PoW) as the mining algorithm. DAXX wallet processes transactions on trusted block-chain using the available electronic cash system, as well as Paper or fiat currency. This allows all our users globally to make electronic payment and manage business contracts in the most secure environment. DAXX coin wallet features allows daily transactions, compound contracts and P2P trading and also has a bridge payment system that helps in conversion to any currency including cash, cryptocurrency and other digital payment methods.

    Secure Platform:
    DaxxCoin uses the Proof-of-Work mechanism and a timestamp server to enhance security. It involves Ethash algorithm, which is hard to compute but simple to verify to limit exploitation of cryptocurrency mining and to prevent hackers from adding fake blocks. The system is maintained through decentralized servers that use deep web super-computing mechanism to ensure all user information is secure through high-end block chain database technology.DaxxCoin users are required to select a second passphrase and twin authentication for each account. We make use of multi-signature authentication that enables end-users to create and configure a set of multi-signatures.

    Business Contracts:
    DaxxCoin offers a relief to the e-commerce community in the management of small contracts management (Smart contracts) without fear of being short-changed. The users can create different types of contracts, the system holds the contributor’s money until all the agreed contract clauses are met. Based on the contract outcome and timelines, the money will either be released to the contractor or be refunded to the contributor. This will eliminate the costs, which could have been incurred in hiring a contract managing authority, centralized mediator or middlemen.


    DaxxCoin platform enables users to engage in virtual sale of shares, auctions and crowdfunding for any business presale.

    Why DaxxCoin:
    DaxxCoin is suitable for most users since it enables on-spot, minimal cost payments to any user around the world. The system is an open source and world-wide payment decentralized network void of any central authorities. Ethash algorithm is used to secure the network and empowers end users to have full control of their money. The system ensures quick confirmation times and quality secure storage. We offer 24-7 support to all our users and is recommended for any user around the world.
    Apart from the coin itself,DaxxCoin offers smart contract management and crowdfunding features for all users. It uses Ethash POW (Proof of Work) algorithm to make mining secure and possible for the average users using a normal personal computer.

    Why You Would Like To See This Coin Added To The Exchange?

    DaxxCoin has been known to be one of the most secure cryptocurrency platforms in the world today. It uses stable and secure mining algorithm as a Proof of Work (PoW) to enhance security and to make it possible for any user to mine using their personal PC or other mobile devices. The system has a user friendly and interactive interface with round-the-clock support.
    The main reason why you should have DaxxCoin added to the exchange is the benefit of instant, low cost payment to any user from anywhere in the world without any central authorities. It gives the user full ownership and control over their wallet and no limitation on the type of currency in use, since it is multi-currency. Ethash POW algorithm is used to ensure fast confirmation.

    DaxxCoin Significant Innovations over Other Coins:

    There are several other cryptocurrency systems like the Peercoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin among others, but DaxxCoin beats them all in terms of range of services, security and ease of use. Apart from cash payments, DaxxCoin offers other online transactions including crowdfunding that allows users to participate in virtual sales of shares, as well as auctions and crowdfunding for business. This is a unique feature tied only to DaxxCoin. The system also features a contract management module that allows business and individuals to manage smart contracts without the costs of a mediate and without fear of any contract breach.
    The system is multi-currency and interfaces with popular electronic payments systems hence you can use any recognized currency of choice. DaxxCoin is the ultimate solution to the cryptocurrency world.rrency of choice. DaxxCoin is the ultimate solution to the cryptocurrency world.

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